Vocal Coaching.

As a music educator in training, I am always learning more and more on what it means to be a teacher. My teaching approach is very personable and straight forward - creating attainable goals for your voice and helping you reach those goals through music that YOU love! 

My primary focus is to build those vocal foundation blocks that will help you blossom into an accomplished singer. Beginners of all ages are welcome! 

My specializations include musical theatre, contemporary Christian music, vocal performance, and a variety of pop styles.

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Jenn and  Mark

Our three girls, aged 5-10 have become little lovers of music. Hannah has been not only their first teacher of piano and vocals, but an amazing role model as well. We would highly recommend Hannah as she is professional, excellent at her craft as well as very considerate to each child’s learnings and strengths. 


age 10

I enjoy having lessons with Hannah because she is very patient and is helping me learn something new.  She is very cool and knows what dance moves go with songs.  Overall, she is a really AWESOME teacher.


age 10

Hannah is an amazing teacher because she is so nice when you do something wrong and she tells you the correct way in a very nice way.  My vocals were not the best before I started training with Hannah, and now I have really improved. I love playing piano because I am learning something new.  Hannah is the best teacher EVER.